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This is a video of the view from Kinnoull Tower overlooking the Tay Valley

in Perthshire. It was taken from the rocky outcrop between the tower itself and the cliff edge! It was necessary to concentrate - the wind was blowing apace and it was a wee bit tricky concentrating on the video and at the same time retaining my balance!

A photograph taken from Kinnoull Summit is also available - see ‘Summit’ in the main menu.

It was taken on Saturday 8th July 2017 during a journey from a dance on the Friday night in Blairgowrie to a dance in Bridge of Allan on Saturday night.

 Originally a Dundonian I have, from a very young age, observed the tower many times on journeys between Dundee and Perth and for as long as I can remember have always wanted to visit it. My father told me it was a means of alerting the area to any incursion by the naughty English into Scotland in times past! Kinnoull Tower was one of a chain of such towers stretching from the Scottish Borders to Central Scotland. According to the Perthshire locals that is not true - however I am choosing to believe it, having believed it for so many years, and my Dad was never wrong!

It’s also an experiment to see if I can upload a video using my Serif software and check my webspace with GoDaddy is adequate.

To see a very short video of the view from Kinnoull Hill click on ‘Video’ in the main menu, above, left  -  give it a few seconds to download  -  it’s just for fun!!

The Tower Red Squirrels

Kinnoull Tower.

Red Squirrels near the path

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