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Scottish Country Dancing in the Red Deer Centre is part of an Activities in Retirement programme run by South Lanarkshire Council. We have been dancing in the Red Deer Centre for nearly 40 years and acknowledge the help and support provided by the Council.

Classes are held from September throughout the Winter months to the following April on most Mondays from 10.00am to 12 noon.  Aileen Mairs and Patricia Leslie work together to make up the dance programmes ensuring a varied and interesting selection of jigs, reels and strathspeys are included in all class programmes. All dances are ‘called’ and ‘walked through’.

An enjoyable way of gently exercising and meeting others who enjoy dancing, new members interested in being part of a friendly and fun class will be made most welcome. A knowledge of basic steps

e.g. pas-de-basque, skip change of step etc., would be an advantage.

Most of us remember our country dancing lessons from school so look out

a pair of  soft soled shoes, come along and have a bash!

If you would like further details please contact Aileen Mairs on 01355 233613.

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Aileen Mairs (left) and Patricia Leslie (right) are the class instructors.

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Crib Sheets


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8/4 and 15/4

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29/4 and 13/5