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Created  May 2004



1. In 1988 I adopted Robin Strong’s (Kilmarnock member) shorthand notes and both of us shared the work of inputting dances to Robin’s original database. This was done at a time when computer memory was scarce and disk space was at a premium which is the reason for many of the dances on my crib sheet not showing bar numbering. Colons and semi-colons were used to bar the dances on Robin’s original database which I subsequently adopted - a semi-colon = 4 bars and a colon = 8 bars. It also meant that a twenty-dance programme could be accommodated on an A4 sheet of paper.

2. The advantage of having my own database is that I can add any notes that I think are important in the better understanding of the dance instructions.

3. I am gradually barring the dances. However, at the very least, you can use my crib sheet to inform you of the dance programme. You can then use MiniCrib to provide you with your own crib sheet which will show conventional bar numbering.

1s=first couple etc.

1s2s=first and second couples etc.

; = after 4 bars : = after 8 bars  (these are the most important abbreviations)

RH=right hand  LH=left hand

RSh=right shoulder LSh=left shoulder

R=right   L=left

Up1=up 1 place  Dn3=down 3 places

R&L=right hand then left hand



P&T=pass and turn

S&L= set and link

A&R=advance (take 2 bars) and retire (take 2 bars) unless otherwise stated

A1R1=advance (take 1 bar) and retire (take 1 bar)


DM&U=lead down middle (take 4 bars) and up (take 4 bars)

DM3&U3=lead down middle for 3 bars, then up for 3 bars

Rnd=round  Bk=back

fin=finish  pl=place

C1's=first corner positions

C2's=second corner positions

C3’s=third corner positions

C4’s=fourth corner positions


2s(1s)3s=all 3 couples but first couple are on wrong side in 2nd pl

Rof3=reel for 3 dancers (unless otherwise stated 1s give Rsh to start)

Rof4=as above but for 4 dancers


nhj=nearer hands joined

pdb=pas de basque


To clearly stipulate simultaneous and sequential actions I use AS (something is done) ALSO (something else is being done at the same time) THEN (back to normal dance sequential instruction)

SDA=dance source is Scottish Dance Archives

Bk3 No7=RSCDS pocket book 3, dance no 7.

Hopefully all the other abbreviations are self-explanatory - but if not please click here to email me - I will be pleased to provide an explanation.

CRIB SHEET ABBREVIATIONS  -  Abbreviations used throughout my personal database and crib sheets :-