Martice Scottish Country Dance Club

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Created  January 2009

Lorna Anderson Convener



 1.  Our Membership List remains open and experienced (and not so experienced) dancers are welcome to join us - just download an application form (see left, middle on this page) -  complete it and send to the address shown in the form - or just contact any committee or club member!

 2.  A first night of promise is coming up  -  Monday 22nd January 2018  -  a brilliant programme and Jim Lindsay’s Band -  it will be a night to remember!!

 3.  A modified 2018 Spring composite now replaces the original one - see left, middle on this page  -  the two February 2018 programmes have been swapped. JDP 13/1/18.   


 4.  How about giving serious consideration to joining our club  -  despite all rumours we will walk requested dances!!  The first night of next year’s programme on 22nd January is brilliant AND it’s Jim Lindsay playing!! Do come along -  a good night is as good as guaranteed!!


We are here - to find us click on the map ....

Martice 2017.  For a composite of the Spring 2018 dances  click here  An Application Form for 2017/18 can be obtained by  clicking here. folder name martice04 Copyright Derboy Productions January 2009

for Betty’s week ahead Crib (22/1/18)……..………  click here - (Source:- MiniCrib)

Crib Sheets

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Martice 22/1/18

Martice 12/2/18

Martice 26/2/18

Martice 12/3/18

Martice 26/3/18