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Created  January 2009

Lorna Anderson Convener


 1.  The current Autumn and Winter Martice dance programmes match anything produced by Stirling and Pitlochry programmers!! The first night of dancing will be Monday 8/10/18. An excellent programme, Nicky McMichan’s Band, a beautiful venue with experienced, competent dancers  -  make every attempt to be there -  it’ll be too good to miss!! The next two programmes are again inspired with a clear takeover bid by the Glasgow Branch contingent for the Guy Fawkes night programme (Glasgow this and Bearsden that!!).

 2.  Following the publishing of the Martice composite there are now 4 crib sheets available. The dance selections are all clearly the work of professionals who dance ‘on the circuit’. Calling is going to be ‘a must’ for several of the dances on the programmes!!


3.  To see some fellow dancers have a look at the SCD Dictionary -  check out Anna Marshall’s Strathspey!!

Perhaps you should give serious consideration to joining our club?  Application forms for 2018/19

 are now available  -  see left, middle on this page. Some great programmes and bands to be enjoyed!!

We are here - to find us click on the map ....

Martice 2018/19.  For a composite of the Autumn 2018 dances click here  An Application Form for 2018/19 can be obtained by clicking here. folder name martice04

for Betty’s week ahead Crib (8/10/18) ..………  click here - (Source:- MiniCrib)

Crib Sheets

- see below -

Click here for crib sheet


Martice 8/10/18

Martice 22/10/18

Martice 5/11/18

Martice 19/11/18

Martice 26/3/18

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Martice EofS  9/4/18

more crib sheets to

 follow soon………..

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