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Created  January 2009

Lorna Anderson Convener



 1.  The first two nights of the new 2018 session have lived up to expectation - two good nights so far!! The Club also has the selection of dances to call and the taking of requests from dancers, especially visiting dancers, just about right. Myra does a lot of hard work sorting out member suggested programmes and producing composites programmes for the session ahead as well as associating programmes with bands. Lesley identifies the dances to call and does it brilliantly. Catherine operates a tight fiscal policy. Lorna keeps everyone happy and is the ideal MC. The club seems to be ‘on-track’, running well and striking a very good balance of calling/walking thru and no calling -  all just about right. The tea and biscuit rota kinda works as well !!

 2.  A modified 2018 Spring composite now replaces the original one - see left, middle on this page.

 3.  A further change has been made to Freshwater Bay in the crib for 22/1/18. At end of bar 24 order is (3)(1)(2). MiniCrib has now been updated and is now correct.

  4.  How about giving serious consideration to joining our club  -  our next night will be Monday 12th February 2018  -  A good programme and Nicky McMichan’s Band  -  application forms available.

We are here - to find us click on the map ....

Martice 2017.  For a composite of the Spring 2018 dances  click here  An Application Form for 2017/18 can be obtained by  clicking here. folder name martice04

for Betty’s week ahead Crib (12/2/18)……..………  click here - (Source:- MiniCrib)

Crib Sheets

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Martice 22/1/18

Martice 12/2/18

Martice 26/2/18

Martice 12/3/18

Martice 26/3/18

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